Finding Mushrooms

Let’s go for a walk in the woods, I texted Jackie.  With all the rain there will probably be a lot of mushrooms. 

That morning I made borscht.  We’d go for a walk while Jon was writing, have lunch, then hang out with the donkeys for a while.

With Jackie along, I knew we’d see more mushrooms than if I walked alone.  That’s what happened the last time we walked together in the woods during the summer.  We both saw things that the other didn’t.

Jackie taking a picture of the toad

Fate and Zinnia ran ahead of us circling back when we stopped to take a  longer look or a picture of something.  The first thing Jackie found was a well-camouflaged toad, about the side of my fist, trying to dig its way under the pine needles.

The Toad is even hard to see in this picture.

I was right about there being plenty of mushrooms….

…they grew in bunches on moss-covered rotting tree stumps…

…or pushed their way up from the ground through leaves and pine needles.

These looked like puff balls to me.  But when I poked one, I didn’t see any spores come out of the hole in the top of the mushroom. I do love the little lacy design along the lower edge of them.

Jackie took this picture of me taking a picture. Notice the big white mushroom, that looks like it belongs under the ocean,  in the bottom right corner of the picture.  I believe it’s a Coral Tooth.
Here’s a close-up of what I belive is a Coral Tooth mushroom

By the time we saw the mushroom below, I was getting hungry.  It looked to me like a cinnamon-encrusted dessert.  Jackie suggested Creme Brulee.  After that, we headed back to the farm for lunch.

I have found that if I go looking for mushrooms I find them.  Once I spot the first one and take the time to bend down and get a closer look or take a picture of it, other mushrooms reveal themselves to me.

It may be a superstition of mine, but I feel like if I ignore the first mushroom I see, I miss many others along the way. It might be that I’m putting the time in and focusing my walk when I make the effort with that first mushroom.

The same way that when I focus on my work in my studio, it tells me what to do next.

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  1. wow, wow and wow
    I think your mushroom pics are my favorite part of your blog. The coral tooth mushroom looks like it is otherworldly.

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