Eating Wild Grapes

Issachar eating wild grapes

The thick woody grapevine reached high into the branches of the young poplar tree on the edge of the farm.

As I tugged at it, trying to pull it off the tree, the sheep showed up.  First Issachar then Biddy and Liam.  Fanny and Lulu weren’t far behind.

They ate the grapes and leaves and Lulu was even chewing on the vine.

Jon and I are going to Bishop Gibbons today.  I made a cat bed as an example for the student to work from.  They want to make cat and dog beds for a local shelter.  They need some help with the sewing machines too which I imagine are having bobbin trouble.

But as I pulled on the grape vines, I thought it would be a good idea to collect some of them and bring them to the school to use to make wreaths (I’m picturing wreaths with some of those metal pieces on them that people have been sending for windchimes) or dreamcatchers.

The sheep and donkeys will be happy to clean up the vines by eating the grapes and leaves from them.

Biddy and Issachar

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