What Creative People Do. Printed Floor Cloths At Bishop Gibbons

Some of the Floor Cloths hanging in the hallway at Bishop Gibbons

Over the summer someone donated a bunch of raw canvas to Sue’s art class at Bishop Gibbons.

When Sue showed it to me, she wasn’t sure how she would use it.

This is how it works.  When a creative person receives something they weren’t expecting, they figure out how to use it.

Sue came up with the idea of making floor cloths from the canvas.

Using a soft pad that is similar to using a linoleum block, but easier to carve, the students cut out designs and printed them on the canvas to make floor cloths. Both sides of the soft pad can be carved so the designs can be alternated to make a repeated checkerboard pattern.

I was moved to tears when the saw the floorcloths hanging in the hallway at the school around the statue of Mother Mary.

It felt as if Sue had brought the art room up from the basement and into the light where everyone could see it.

Here’s a few of the printed floor cloths close up.

This one makes me think quilt.

8 thoughts on “What Creative People Do. Printed Floor Cloths At Bishop Gibbons

  1. Amazing work!! These are made by artists. I am so impressed with their carving skills…the mountain sunrise is especially stunning to me.

  2. This is so cool; makes me wish I could be in her art class. I wonder if I could find directions online? What is it officially called again?

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