More Of Suzy’s Shawls Coming Soon….

Suzy’s had spun wool

It’s almost that time of year again when I sell Suzy Fatzinger’s shawls right here on my blog.

She has two just about done and two more in the works.  As many of you know Suzy started selling her Shawls at our Bedlam Farm Open Houses.  When we stopped having the Open Houses, I continued selling them on my blog every fall.

Suzy (who one of my oldest sheep is named after) hand spins all the wool she uses in her hand-knit shawls.  Some of it comes from her own Mohair goats.  And some of the wool she gets from her favorite fiber artists.

That ball of yellow wool (with the ears popping up behind it.  I have to ask Suzy which of her animals they belong to) comes from my sheep.

We did a trade back in 2020.  She knit a scarf for Jon’s daughter Emma and I gave her some of Liam’s raw wool and a bump of yellow roving made from Liam and Rosemary’s wool.

Suzy hand spun the yellow roving and used it in a couple of her shawls. Now she has a little bit left and plans to use it along with the wool (in all those rich fall colors) it’s on top of in the picture above.

Every year when I sell Suzy’s shawls I post pictures and videos of her goats.

Some of you may remember seeing pictures of Larry her angora goat.  I was sorry to hear that Larry died this fall.  He was old and Suzy was worried about him having to deal with the coming winter.  He died naturally one night in the barn before the cold weather came.   Suzy said the other goats were sitting outside the barn when she found him as if they were holding vigil.

I wish such a death for my older sheep when it’s their time.

So far Suzy has one shawl in fall colors and two others in blues and neutral colors.  It will probably be another week or so before they are ready to be put up for sale.  As soon as they are, you’ll see them here.

Suzy’s Goat Larry

4 thoughts on “More Of Suzy’s Shawls Coming Soon….

  1. My beautiful Larry – what a wonderful tribute to him Maria, Thankyou Thankyou. So appreciate the opportunity to share my shawls here❤️❤️❤️

  2. He looks soooosoft! What a contribution he made to his caregiver and worldly companions, and to be able to pass on peacefully leaving those who loved him feeling the same.

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