Grandmother Newt

Me and Robin looking for newts in the pond.  Emma took all the pictures in this post.

“There’s another one.  It’s on top of the rock.” Robin said pointing to a newt in the pond.

The day before she counted 100 snails in our fish tank.  Some of them more than once.  But when it came to finding newts in the pond she kept track of them better. And she was good at it.

I kept seeing leaves that looked like newts and she saw newts that looked like leaves.  We also watched a small spider walk on the water from one leaf to another and spotted one rams horn snail that looked like the curled tip of a leaf.

Because it was cold I wasn’t sure we’d see much in the pond, but it didn’t disappoint.

As the three of us stood staring into the water Robin said if she were a newt I could be her newt grandmother.

Well, I can’t imagine anything Robin could have said that would have made me any happier.

I never thought of myself as a grandmother and never expected to be one.  But Grandma Newt… I can see that.  Suddenly I felt like this six-year-old who I haven’t seen since she was four and a half knew something about me.

The four of us did so many different things together from writing on a piece of slate with a rock to watching Robin figure out how to make a robot dance.  Robin loved feeding the hens dried mealworms and scared the sheep when she sang to them from behind the fence.

Robin feeding the hens

When we were done at the small pond in the back pasture, we took a walk in the woods.  I was hoping we’d see some orange newts.  We didn’t, but we did find enough crystals popping out of the earth from the last rain to fill a small bag.

After Emma and Robin left today, I took a walk in the woods. It rained this morning so I was on the lookout for orange newts. I found several and took a picture which I’ll send to Emma to show to Robin.

This way, the next time they visit, Robin will know what to look for when we go back into the woods.

Jon and Robin playing with her Robot.

12 thoughts on “Grandmother Newt

  1. What a great name for you. Grandma Newt. I think it fits you very well.
    Visits to a family farm in Canada were such a special tradition in my childhood and remain treasured memories.
    I had a cousin Louise who was a lot older than me, and she had a way of spending time with, and talking with me that was unlike any other adult. I felt seen and accepted.
    Perhaps I am projecting, but I imagine you providing that kind of experience for Robin.
    Sounds like it was a special visit

  2. What an insightful, intuitive, inclusive and loving declaration from Robin! I would be over the moon happy about it too! It came out of her mouth as natural as hugging Flo. What a special little girl. And what a comfortable and loving welcome and connection she obviously felt from you. Nature connects us in the most meaningful of ways. We are all one.

    1. You are so right Kathye, nature does connect us even if we don’t understand why. I hadn’t thought of that part of it. How could not really, when we’re sitting on the edge of a pond all looking for the same thing, all present in the same moment.

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