Picking Up This Falls Bedlam Farm Wool

The Vermont roads were filled with Leaf Peepers.  We could tell by the amount of cars on the road and their license plates.    And although Jon and I had business there, we were able to enjoy the Autumn colors and light as much as the people who came just to see them.

I was delighted to see that much of my wool turned out to reflect those rich fall colors.

My wool order had to be slightly adjusted when Deb couldn’t spin Asher and Issachar’s wool into yarn.  The lengths of wool were too varied, some very short others too long, and the spinning machine couldn’t make the adjustments needed to process it.

So Deb used Suzy and Constance’s gray wool to twist with the dyed blue white wool to make the blue and gray barberpole yarn on the right in this photo above.

That means I have lots of roving I’ll be selling for hand spinning, weaving and felting.  I’ll also be making more Bedlam Farm Dryer Balls.

I’ll be sorting through the wool today and putting it for sale tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Picking Up This Falls Bedlam Farm Wool

  1. Maria,
    I would love to order your dryer balls. Will you be putting them on Etsy, or should I email you. PayPal, check, whatever you prefer. Thanks.

    1. Hi Deb, You can buy them from me using Paypal or a check. If you send me an email that would be great. Or I’ll send you one. I hope to make some dryerballs this week. Thank you!

  2. If it’s not all already sold I would love 2 skeins of the barber pole yarn! I can visualize some warm winter Sox made with that yarn!

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