Hand-Carding Roving For Suzy’s New Shawl

I’m currently making a little batch of hand-carded roving to add to my green and yellow shawl” Suzy texted me.

Then she sent me this video of the roving and the various carding tools with her dogs Rosie and Tony in it.

Both dogs are rescues and keep Suzy company while she works.  “Tony hates everyone, but he loves us and his dogs.”  She texted me.  Those of us who have little dogs understand how ferocious they can be.

I wanted to post this video because it shows just a bit more of the process that goes into the making one of Suzy’s shawls.

After the wool is carded, it still needs to be spun and then knit. I love how shimmery the green roving is.

I can’t wait to see how Suzy uses it.

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