Queen Bee

The potholder I made for Sharon

When Sharon saw my Bee Potholders she wanted one.  So I made the one above with her in mind.  “In response,” she wrote to me this poem, which I would call Queen Bee, even though she didn’t title it.

I want a bee to be
as only a bee can be
the center of my life
have often called myself a worker bee
but really want to be a Queen Bee
am ready to lead
and have my family
and make the sweetest honey yet

By Sharon

What I find so wonderful about this poem is that interior movement from worker bee to Queen Bee. No longer afraid to be the one in charge of her own life to make decisions and take responsibility for them.

I guess it’s because I feel like this is just what I have done.  I have my family in Jon and the farm and I get to make sweet honey all the time in my studio.

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