Patient Donkeys

Jon and Fanny with Zinnia on her way back to the water.

The donkeys carry the sun in their hair.  Jon and I went into the back pasture this morning where the sheep and donkeys were grazing.  As Zinnia went for a swim and the donkeys demanded our attention.

If they’re being patient, they do this by walking up to us and standing still.  Otherwise, they give us a nudge with their big soft noses.

When Fanny came to me, I bent at the hips and plunged my face onto her neck while scratching her under the chin.  Her hair is lush,long, and warm.  The donkeys smell like earth and air at the same time.  I can’t explain it other than that. To me, it’s the best smell in the world.  Even better than puppy breath.

So I breathed deep, warming my face at the same time.  It pulled me into the moment, not in a shocking way, like the freezing air, but softy like nothing else does.

Soon Lulu was next to me quietly demanding my attention too.  That’s when Fanny went to Jon.  She knows he can’t resist her.

4 thoughts on “Patient Donkeys

  1. I love when you say I plunge my face onto her neck and she smells like earth and air. Better than puppy’s breath. Maria, this is the real connection to all of life. Keep it close always. love , veronica

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