Ice Dog And Watercress

It warmed up today, the temperature is in the low thirties.   So Zinnia went for a swim in the pond. Not that she didn’t go swimming when it was 10 degrees out, she swam then too.  As long as the pond isn’t covered in ice, she’s there.

The little round green leaves growing in the water around Zinnia is watercress.   It grows every winter in the little stream in the Orphaned Woods, but this is the first year I’ve seen it in the pond.

It’s in the mustard family and is edible.  I haven’t ever eaten it, but maybe I’ll try it this winter.

12 thoughts on “Ice Dog And Watercress

  1. Oh, Maria, you should try it. If you get it in ponds and streams wash very well. Our favorite Christmas salad contains watercress apples and cranberries with chestnuts or pecans. Proportions don’t much matter, but the cranberries sit with sugar for 30 minutes or so and then everything is mixed and a dressing of olive oil mustard and lime juice with salt pepper. Very tasty.

      1. If you try it chop the cranberries a bit so they are exposed to more of the sugar and use a bit less of them than apples.

  2. I vaguely remember when I was a child my mother would serve watercress sandwiches for ‘ladies teas’, the kind of sandwiches where they cut off the bread crust and cut them into triangles. The tea was served from a silver tea pot into bone china teacups. Mom was a minister’s wife so the teas were more or less mandatory. Children were not invited. All that came flooding into mind at the mention of watercress!

    1. Oh LoisJean, what a wonderful memory to share with us. I can just picture it! Watercress sandwiches like cucumber sandwiches. Maybe I’ll make some.

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