Zinnia’s Egg


The egg in the roosting box this morning

To my surprise, there was an egg in the chicken coop this morning.   I just dumped all the old hay from the coop in the barnyard where Fanny and Lulu scarfed it up when I looked in the roosting boxes and found a single, very dirty egg.

Maybe, I thought, the hens have been laying all along just not in the coop and there’s a clutch of them freezing in the barn or under the snow.

Since the hens haven’t come out of the coop in three days, they have no choice but to lay their eggs where they are and where I can easily find them.

Maybe this snowy confinement will get them back into the habit of laying eggs in the coop.

I took the egg and not wanting to go back into the house (I was still shoveling and taking care of the animals) I put it in the planter on the back porch.

I was so looking forward to half of that fresh egg for breakfast, but when Jon and I were ready to go in the house, the egg was gone.

“Did you bring the egg into the house?” I asked Jon.  When he said he hadn’t, I went to look for myself.  Maybe I brought it in and forgot?

When it wasn’t on the dish drain where I would have put it, it occurred to me that Zinnia must have eaten it.

It was the only logical conclusion.  There was this egg smelling of chicken poop in a planter on the back porch the same height as Zinnia’s nose.

I imagine she gobbled it up.

The good news for me is that there was another egg in the coop this afternoon.  This time I made sure to bring the egg right into the house.

Maybe there will be another egg in the morning and Jon and I can each have our own.

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