Today’s Painted Hankie Scarves

Close up of two of the scarves I made today

I continue to work on my Painted Hankie Scarves.  Today I sent four off in the mail and have one or two more to mail out tomorrow.   I’m still filling orders and continue to get more.

I started working with and around some of the embroidery that is a part of  the hankies.  Instead of pretending it’s not there, I allow it to influence my designs.  I also started using some dry brush painting on them.  It adds another texture.

One of the scarves laid out on the backing

Soon I’ll have to look through my fabrics to find more backing fabric.  I’ve just about used up the original pieces I chose for the scarves. The scarves are just under or just over 70 ” long, so I have to consider the length of the fabric I choose as well as the color and design.

I like the backing to have the same feel as my scarves without competing with it.  Below is one of the scarves I made today.



6 thoughts on “Today’s Painted Hankie Scarves

  1. I especially love the ” marriage ” of the vintage hankies and the contemporary designs. I would never have thought anything like this would work, but it certainly does! Just lovely…

    1. Yes, Lynn, that juxtaposition really works. I’m glad you pointed it out. sometimes when I’m in the process I can’t really see why something works. But you are so right about this.

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