A Winter Hobby, Chewing On The Barn

The chewed gate

Every day the valley got a little lower, the mountains a little higher.  That’s how I saw the 1×6, the middle rail, of the gate on the pole barn as the donkeys slowly ate it away.

They started chewing on it when the snow came and stayed.  Even though I put three branches from the apple tree in the barn for them to munch on, that old pine on the gate is soft and easy to nibble.

Every day when I mucked out the barn, I told myself that tomorrow I’d do something about it, but didn’t.  Then, this morning I knew, if I didn’t put more chicken wire on the gate right then, the valleys and mountains would vanish and what would be two pieces of wood where once there was one.

I got lucky, it was warmer this morning than it has been.  So I pulled some turkey wire out of the barn and got my wire clippers, staple gun, and staples.  I stapled the turkey wire to the gate where the older chicken wire had worn away.

I covered both sides, then stapled more wire on the gate leading into the barn which also had some new chew marks.

I don’t doubt that when I got back to the barn, the donkeys will have found something else to chew on.  This time I won’t take as long to cover it up with turkey wire.

Or that’s what I tell myself anyway.

The gate after I put the turkey wire up

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