Put A Flower In The Mail. Jon’s Purple Flower Post Cards For Sale

Jon’s Purple Flower Postcard for sale in my Etsy Shop

I have a new pack of Postcards For sale in my Etsy Shop.  It’s not mine, but Jon’s photo of a Purple Flower.  A pack of six 4×6″ postcards is $15 including shipping.  You can buy them here. 

All summer, Jon took pictures of the flowers he grew in his raised bed gardens using his Leica camera and his iPhone.

This winter he wondered where he would find the color and light. He found some in the winter landscapes,  but also started posting pictures of the flowers he took during the summer, on his blog.

Those pictures are as popular during these dreary months as they were when he first took them.  So he decided to make one into a postcard to use as Thank you cards and I thought it would be a good idea to sell some too.

This way people can send a flower through the mail, inexpensively and easily.

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