Where The Hankies Come Together

The scarves I worked on today.

I slide the hankies under the presser foot and lower it.  I pull out the pin holding the fabric in place, my hands ready to guide the hankies and gently step on the foot pedal.

No two hankies that I sew together are alike.  Even the way I sew them is different.  Some with a top stitch, others face to face.  With all of them I get to decide the stitch and which hankie edge will show if any.

It keeps the process new and doesn’t allow it to get boring.  And when I guide the thin fabric through the sewing machine, I have to pay attention.  I have to keep the fabric from slipping and keep it moving especially when sewing over any embroidery.

Each one is a small challenge.  I like getting it right.  I like how it keeps me focused and in the moment. My mind can’t wander when I’m sewing those old hankies together.

I’m halfway done making five more Painted Hankie Scarves.  These will be the last for a while. I will have extras and will put them up for sale in my Etsy Shop when they’re done.

Where the hankies come together

6 thoughts on “Where The Hankies Come Together

  1. These are stunning! It’s been wonderful seeing all that you’ve created, repurposing those lovely hankies into something even more. Bold, crisp, yet subtle and so organic. Love them all.

    1. I love that I can share my art not only with the people who buy it, but with everyone who gets to see it on my blog. Thanks for your description Cheryl.

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