I Finished Designing My Latest Quilt. I’m Calling It “Home”

As often happens, when I got into my studio and looked at my quilt again, I was able to figure out how to solve the problem of not having enough of the red and white Toile to go around the whole quilt.

I had the red and white floral pattern out already. I’d been looking at it yesterday, but it was slightly off in color.  This morning I thought to turn it around and use the back of the fabric, which worked out just right.

I used the three squares of red and blue fabric that someone had given me and in two corners I used a blue fabric with doves in it.

Below are some details from the quilt.  I did have someone already inquire about this quilt so it may already be spoken for.

A close-up of the scene on the red and white Toile fabric


On the left is one of the squares I cut from the linen towel.  I liked the way it worked with the patchwork piece of fabric with the barn and house just to the right of it.
The doves and more birds with their nest

4 thoughts on “I Finished Designing My Latest Quilt. I’m Calling It “Home”

  1. As often happens I have a hard time seeing the size of the quilt. Are you finished with the top or is there more to come.
    I love the Toilet fabric withe the house and barn! There’s an inviting softness to it – perhaps an invitation to come home (in my eyes). Lovely.

    1. It’s all done LoisJean and hangs from the ceiling of my studio and drapes onto the floor, so it’s big enough. Too much bigger and I won’t be able to work on it!

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