In The Light Of The Waning Snow Moon


The apple tree and the waning moon early this moring

I couldn’t sleep, so I got out of bed and pulled on yesterday’s clothes.  Jon was sleeping, but Zinnia watched and waited for me to invite her to come.  Downstairs I let Fate out of her crate and the three of us walked out into the moonlight.

The moon was waning but still bright enough to see by, light enough to throw shadows.

The sheep and donkeys gathered at the corner of the barn, curious and confused about why we were there.  I followed my moonshadow down the hill toward the back pasture.

For once Zinnia showed no interest in swimming. She walked the fence with me while Fate kept an eye on the sheep.  Through the trees, the steam was whispering a velvet song.  It sounded the way water looks when it glides over the top of a rock.

I stopped and let the sound of the water do its work, softening my edges and quieting my mind.

Then I walked some more until the chill made me crave the warmth of Jon’s sleeping body. I sang “Moonshadow” all the way back.

Fate in the back pasture in the moonlight

6 thoughts on “In The Light Of The Waning Snow Moon

  1. Wow. That photo looking back on the farmhouse is special. A solitary walk in the cool light of the winter moon and then returning to the warm welcoming light of home and heart partner. A snow moon meditation.

  2. This took me with you. Thank you. I felt deeply your words . Fate in the night snow, alert. The warmth awaiting you.

  3. I felt every word of this, being there walking silently with the 3 of you.
    So mystical and wonderous.
    The sound if water is so calming and cleansing, for the body, mind, and soul .

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