A Busy Day

Liam in the pole barn

This morning Jon and I went to get his new brace adjusted in Saratoga. It seems to be working for him, I have my fingers crossed.

We stopped on the way home for lunch and talked about how no matter where we go, we have a good time together.  It’s because we really like being together and always have lots to talk about.

Back home I finished sewing my first batch of Donkey Potholders.  Then I spent most of the evening figuring out who bought which potholder.  It’s much easier to post the potholders in my Etsy Shop and sell them that way.  Even though I still have to take pictures of them all and post them individually and they take a percentage of the sale.

I only made one mistake, selling the same potholder to two different people, but I’m fortunate that my customers are understanding.

I’m still not sure if I’ll have any available to post in my Etsy Shop. I have another batch to sew together and more email orders to sort through.  You’d think by now, after making and selling potholders for almost 15 years I’d have a better system.

But it works one way or another. And I get it right mostly.

I am a bit worn out tonight and looking forward to a restful evening and a day off.

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