Sheep and Chamois

I got some good work done on my new quilt today.   It began with the scraps from the sheep potholders, a couple of Jon’s old Chamois shirts and pieces of fabric left over from my quilt “Home”.

After I found the gray to go around the patchwork, I decided to have the red Toile bleed out into the border.

matching up seams is not something I’m usually interested in doing with my quilts, but it was the only way to get those red “lines” to work the way I wanted.

Someone suggested I place my shears near the quilts I’m working on to show scale.  It’s a good idea so I’m doing that here.

I’m not sure what happens next, but I’m excited to get into my studio tomorrow and find out.

4 thoughts on “Sheep and Chamois

  1. Maria,
    Absolutely stunning lovely quilt.
    Then everything you have make is special Take care and happy crafting ⭐️

  2. with the sheep and the L’s…I thought of this as the Liam quilt…none of my business, I know. It is beautifully and cleverly done.
    such an artist!

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