Someone Laid An Egg

The hens started laying eggs in the beginning of February, then suddenly stopped.  I thought maybe they were laying them outside the coop and I’d find a nest full one day.  But because of the snow, they haven’t come out of the coop in about a week. And in all that time, they haven’t laid an egg.

Until today.

I got the egg safely in the house, but as I was washing it the shell cracked.  I was going to put it in a pot and boil it up anyway, but before I got that far, I dropped it on the kitchen floor.

Bud was the first one on it.  Then Fate stuck her nose in the mess too.  Only Zinnia stayed away.  Not because she didn’t want it.  She just didn’t want it enough to fight over it.

So, to my disappointment,  Bud and Fate had a very fresh egg with their breakfast this morning.

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