Ian Shearing Merricat, A Video

Merricat was the first of my sheep to be shorn yesterday.   Sheep go dormant when they are on their backs.   Sometimes they continue to kick and try to get up, but Ian is good at calming them.  Merricat gave him little trouble.

You can see in the video how a shearer can move the sheep around to get at all the wool.

The fleece comes off in one piece.  Some farmers sell a whole fleece.  I take my wool to The Vermont Fiber Mill and they make it into yarn and roving.  I’ll use some of it to make dryer balls, I have a long list of people who want them.

Merricat after shearing.  You can see how small she really is and how long her legs are. The other sheep from left to right are Biddy, Constance, Issachar, Robin, Asher and Suzy up front.

2 thoughts on “Ian Shearing Merricat, A Video

  1. Merricat looks like a lamb next to the other sheep! It’s amazing how much wool the sheep carry! Your wool is some of the softest and sturdy wool I’ve ever knitted with. Samanthas slippers show no signs of wearing out after 4 years of use! She loves them and says they have wonderful glide on the wood floors! Looking forward to seeing this years wool!

    1. Oh Josie, that is so good to know about Samantha’s slippers. I have some fingerless gloves and a cowl that are at least 8 years old, from my sheep Tess. I was just thinking how they are still in excellent condition. But slippers get a lot more wear and tear so that good to hear. I know what you mean about Merricat. It’s like she shrunk!

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