Robin, Kim and Issachar grazing in the barnyard

Fate is laying beside me, panting after running in circles around the sheep. Her breathing is so regular, so consistent it sounds more like a machine than a living being.

I can hear the grass break as Constance tears it with her teeth.  Then I think that she and the other sheep are really just gathering grass when they graze.  Later, they’ll find a comfortable spot near the barn where they’ll sit quietly regurgitating the grass and chewing it again.

It’s called chewing their cud or ruminating.

The sheep always look like they are doing thoughtful work to me when they are chewing their cud.  Like they are content, present and not to be disturbed.

2 thoughts on “Ruminating

  1. Well I learn something everyday. Although I’ve watched your sheep chewing their cud many times, I didn’t make the connection to the regurgitation and ruminating like cows do. You continue to educate me frequently – helps keep me young!

    1. It does the same for me LoisJean! When I see something I don’t know about I have a place to write about it. So glad to have you to share it with. Your good words are encouraging.

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