More Flower and Pollinator Potholders

Flower and pollinator potholders

I somehow forgot to put up this picture of more Flower and Pollinator Potholders that I designed yesterday. These are made with different bee fabric that worked so well with the yellow flowers.

There are also 3 of what I’m calling Beehive Potholders.  The ones with the bees and no flowers.

I was planning on getting into my studio today to make a few more Pocket Of Joy Potholders today.  The last batch sold quickly and I have a feeling there are more people who would like to have one.

But we had to go back to the doctor today after Jon got his bandage changed on his foot this morning because the new bandage slipped off.   (Jon wrote about it on his blog, you can read it here)

So maybe tomorrow I’ll at least start painting the potholders, then continue working on my quilt “Under The Sea” before returning to Bellydancing Class.

2 thoughts on “More Flower and Pollinator Potholders

  1. My sister’s birthday is May 3rd and she has her own beehives and flowers all over the place. There are two of these potholes that I want one of them if you didn’t sell them yet I’m going to send you the picture through Messenger or the one I want hoping that nobody asked about it yet I’m going to send you two pictures and you can let me know which one is available I’ll have you send it directly to my sister again thanks. Theresa

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