Today In My Studio

Bud checking out the back of my quilt Under The Sea

My studio door was wide open all day.  Fate slept in her bed, but Zinnia and Bud sat in the sun only coming to visit for a while or sit in the doorway.

I designed more potholders making a total ten,  then moved on to tacking Under The Sea.  I didn’t get it all done though.

There was something about the day that slowed me down.

It’s probably because its the end of the week, even though that usually doesn’t make a difference to me.  But these past few weeks have been draining ones. I guess I’m tired.

Instead of getting back to my studio after lunch, Jon and I bought some flowers at the Greenhouse in town for him to photograph.  (I got a red pepper plant and chocolate mint for my gardens)  Then we sat under the apple tree.

Jon tried out his new lens and I took pictures with my Lomo’ Instant Camera.

Even though I didn’t get my quilt all done. I feel like I got a good amount of work done.

My latest batch of potholders.

2 thoughts on “Today In My Studio

  1. You and Jon sitting under the apple tree makes me think of the old song; don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me. Sounds like a sweet relaxing day.

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