Notes From The Pole Barn This Afternoon

Merricat and Kim in the pole barn

Quiet, calm, patient.  But it’s not like they’re waiting for something to happen.  It’s more like, this is what we do, or this is what we are doing now.

Fate is staring at me in her Border Collie crouch.  She is patiently waiting.  The constant hum of a carpenter bee, it bounces slowly,  heavily, through the air, looking for a place to drill its perfectly round hole.

The bee hovers too close to Fate and she snaps at it breaking eye contact for a moment.

Now I’m scratching Lulu’s neck and four barn swallows come swooping in, madly circling in front of us. Asher tries to eat my skirt. I pull it from his mouth and a barn swallow swoops in front of my face, just inches away as if to say, I see you, I know who you are.

The barn swallows sail, they float, they dive, they glide, they hang in the air moving without movement.

Socks, Suzy and Lori in the pole barn

2 thoughts on “Notes From The Pole Barn This Afternoon

  1. Something about Kim really gets to me. I know she would hate it but her face makes me want to hug her. Does anyone else tell you this? I still have my toy lamb that Mum gave me on my 9th birthday (I’ve had it 66 years). I never wanted dolls only animals.
    My teddy bear is even older. Soft in the head, aren’t I?

    1. Nah Carolyn, I still have pinky my pink stuffed dog. And Kim looks like Lamb Chop, so that I get that. She really does have a very different look than the other sheep. And yes, other people have said the same, you’re not alone. :)

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