Time To Let Go

Geraniums and Clay Pot Potholders

Making these potholders held my attention today.  But my head is still swimming. Looking for a place to land and not finding it.

Time for more meditation maybe.

Jon was just saying how he feels like he’s in limbo, waiting for his kidney stone surgery on Friday.  And even though I’m not having surgery, I know what he means. A part of me is way ahead of myself.  I’m in that waiting room then I jump back to reality, but it’s fluid.

It’s like I’m just keeping busy while waiting.  But it’s hard to get too involved when I’m not fully here.

I have my moments though, like making the potholders.  Or when I took a walk with my friend Margaret this afternoon.

It’s not that I’m worried about the surgery, it’s pretty routine and Jon has handled his other surgeries well.    But it’s still surgery with a lot of unknowns.

Maybe it’s time to accept that this is the way I feel and stop trying to control it.  So far the difficulties of life haven’t stopped me from working, loving, or getting through the day. Maybe it’s just time to let go.

2 thoughts on “Time To Let Go

  1. I’ve read a quote once that said ” I have never let go of something that didn’t have my fingerprints all over it.”
    I wonder if it will ever get easier. I believe time really is fluid. Didn’t Einstein say something like that?
    Wishing Jon a successful surgery on Friday!

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