Bellydancing, Make-up and Swords


In just a little while I’ll leave for my Belly dancing class.  I would have thought I’d be tired from my walk in the woods, but it’s just the opposite. I’m full of energy.

I’ll get there a little early and meet with Emily who is bringing me some make-up.  “I can give you some quick tips” she texted me.

We have two appearances coming up this summer.  At the North Bennington Library and at the Pride Parade in Bennington Vermont. (I don’t remember the dates for either right now).

I’m useless when it comes to putting on makeup.

The only time I’ve worn it is for our Bellydancing performances and I look more like a clown with my bright red lips, pale face, and black eyeliner.  So I’m glad for any help I can get.  I don’t understand the mechanics of make-up although I’ve had it explained to me more than once.

Tonight I will also be learning to dance while balancing a sword on my head. I did it for the first time last week and not only did it help my posture greatly, but it was very cool too.  (I’ll try to get a picture of it.  Julz took a few of my last week, but I  had a goofy look on my face, too goofy not to delete).

So I’m off and will be back in my studio tomorrow after Jon’s early morning visit to his foot surgeon.  Where we both hope he will be liberated to wearing regular shoes again so he can begin walking anew.

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