From “Bow Toe” To Healed Foot


Kitty and Anne out my studio window.

Jon and I got back from his foot surgeon this morning and both took a nap.  It was good news his foot is basically healed.  Just another couple of months of putting Vitamin E on the scar and a visit in July.

We looked at each other after waking up and Jon said, “This is a big deal.  We should celebrate.”

He’s right, this thing with his foot has been going on for over three years and now the problem is resolved.  He no longer has a toe on his left foot, but it has turned out that it being gone is better than it being there.

There is still more to do to help his foot like getting a new brace so he can walk comfortably.  But the worry of infection in his toe is gone.  And I don’t have to wonder every morning when I put vitamin E on his foot if it is healing or not.

That’s a big relief.

It’s no wonder we’re both tired.  We can finally let our guard down about this particular thing. It might take a bit of a transition to truly believe it.  But that will come with time.  And maybe some more healing sleep.

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