Bud’s Territory


Bud in the shade of the Pinkster bush

Bud  has the patience of a cat.

He has several places around the yard where he sits and waits.  Sometimes he’s at the front fence ready to bark at the Amish horse and wagons as they go by.  He prowls the hosts bed, disappearing under the huge leaves hunting chipmunks and voles. He sits at the thick roots of the maple tree, head up looking for birds and the squirrel who lives there.

Also like a cat, he finds the shade in the summer and the sun on colder days.  He’s out all day this time of year, running and warning people and animals away,  shedding the weight he put on to keep him warmer in the winter.

The yard is Buds territory and he’s very serious about protecting it.

2 thoughts on “Bud’s Territory

  1. Bud is really regal looking in this photo. Surveying his turf, deciding where to put his attention, what if anything needs to be handled next.
    It’s amazing to see the confidence he now has in himself and his place in your
    lives and the farm. He is a very lucky dog to have been cared for by Jon and yourself after the abuse he suffered in the past. It’s inspiring to see

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