Bud, Barking Up The Right Tree

Bud’s barking was too consistent for something not to be up.

I went out behind my studio to have a look and there was Bud literally barking up a tree. I stood right next to him to see what he was barking at and saw what looked like a bird on the topmost branches.

I wanted to see what kind of bird so took a picture with my iPhone and enlarged it.  That’s when I saw it was the squirrel that hops from branch to branch, safely traveling the tree tops while Bud watches from far below.

I’ve seen that squirrel’s tracks in the snow leaving the big maple behind my studio, crossing three pastures, and heading into the woods.

Bud is heroic really.

He’s been barking at that squirrel for years without satisfaction. But he keeps at it.

2 thoughts on “Bud, Barking Up The Right Tree

  1. Obviously, Bud’s core philosophy is that of the inimitable Mr. Churchill – “never, never, never give up.”

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