Quilt #2 Sperry Flour Sack Quilt

I finished designing my Sperry Flour Sack quilt this afternoon.

I feel like I’m in the zone making these quilts.  In a way, it’s like when I’m making a batch of potholders.  I have all the fabric laid out in front of me and it’s just a matter of figuring out how the pieces fit together.

And almost magically, I keep finding more fabric in my stash that will work even though I missed it the first time around.

I’ve been collecting all the scraps from the two quilts I made already in a box.  I think they will be the beginning of the next quilt.  I’ll either sew them together or sew them into a design with a neutral piece of fabric between them.

But I won’t start that until tomorrow. I need to keep some space in between the quilts.

I’m thinking I may design all five quilts then back and tack them all.  But I’ll see how it goes, I may run dry and need a bigger break between quilts.

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