Is This Really Me?

Reflection of me and Jon in the church window where I danced  on Sunday

Jon always said that when I’m Bellydancing, that’s who I really am.  I could never really agree with him, because for most of my life it would be the last thing in the world I would have done.

But I’m beginning to see it the way he does.  I’m starting to question who I really am as opposed to how I’ve thought of myself.

Can I really be so different than I thought?

If I look at my actions over the past fifteen years and not my idea of who I am, they are very different.

Bellydancing and specifically this last performance has revealed something about myself I didn’t know.   As nervous as it makes me, I actually like to perform.  (Although even as I write this I have my doubts about how true that is).

Is this a change in me, or something that was always there, something hidden?

I’ll have to think about it some more.  Or maybe I  just need to watch what I do and trust it.

4 thoughts on “Is This Really Me?

  1. From what you’ ve said you were controlled by men in the past. Now you can be who and what you want. vive la difference!

  2. When you have been wrapped up tight into what everyone else wanted you to be, it takes time after the release for the real you to emerge. Absolutely trust it! It is a joy to see you at work, as you progress through every quilt and every pot holder. We all appreciate that you invite us to watch. Thank you Maria!

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