Three Quilts All Done For Ellen

Tacking a quilt isn’t the most exciting part of making one.  But it’s good for those times when I’m not feeling creative.  Now I’ve backed and tacked three in a row.    Today I finished tackng the Sperry Flour Sack Quilt.

Tacking the back of the Sperry Flour Sack Quilt

After folding up the Sperry Flour Sack quilt I pulled out the next quilt to be backed.  Then I found the fabric to do it.  That happened more quickly than it has for any of the previous quilts.  It just all fell into place.

I still have to iron the fabric and sew it together, but the pieces all fit together so nicely.  The pink piece has angels and hearts on it.  Perfect for Angels and Animals, the quilt it will back.

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