Cozy Mushrooms

I didn’t take a lot of pictures on my walk in the woods today.  But the ones I did take were of mushrooms.   I was drawn to mushrooms and the environment around them.

Here they are….

This one seemed like a balancing act.  The moss-covered rock was jutting out of the ground at one angle and the mushroom at the opposite.

The hole in this fallen log and the mushroom growing in the space under it, reminded me of the caves in the rocks in Bandelier,  NM.

This mushroom was snuggled in the mossy roots of a tree.

10 thoughts on “Cozy Mushrooms

  1. Though I do not have a taste for mushrooms, since you reading your curiosity about them combined with these beautiful, melancholy, joyful photos in particular, I have a kind of fondness for these ancient delicacies. Thank you for opening my mind and heart to our interconnectedness with all life.Carol

  2. Love them all!
    Yes I can see Bandelier.
    Was there with a friend in 2000 and there wasn’t another person around .
    Just the ancestral indigenous people’s energy.
    The second photo is so cool. Balanced and saturated with color. Made houses with sticks and moss in the woods as a child. Perhaps it’s a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

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