Suzy’s Shawls, Coming Soon

Oh it’s the same colors as your Zinnia’s I texted Suzy, we’ll have to call it Zinnia or Zinnia Garden.

Suzy sent me the photo of her shawl in her Zinnia garden after telling me she made seven shawls this year.  Surprisingly she made this one in February.  Not surprisingly around Valentine’s days.

But with that touch of orange, it says Zinnia Garden to me more than hearts.

Suzy’s been making and selling her Shawls for years.  First, we sold them at the Bedlam Farm Open Houses, then every fall on my blog.

It’s become a tradition that I so look forward to.

As many of you know, Suzy hand spins all her yarn, much of it is mohair that comes from her angora goats.  The rest comes from her favorite fiber artists.  Sometimes she even uses wool from my sheep.  Last year one of Suzy’s shawls had Issachars wool in it.

Then Suzy hand knits the yarn into unique, beautiful, and functional works of art.

I’ll start selling Suzy’s Shawls in September.

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