My Dream Of Yellow Butterflies

Last night I dreamed that I walked into Jon’s and my bedroom.  It wasn’t the same as our real bedroom, but it was our bedroom in the dream.

The room was spacious with a wall of light on one side and a bare pale yellow wall across from it.  There was an amorphous bed against the wall that shimmered in and out of vision.

The room glowed soft yellow.

On the wall were at least a hundred small yellow butterflies.  Their wings like tiny slips of thin, opaque paper.  The “parents” of the butterflies were two Monarchs, also on the wall.  Their deep orange and black wings were the only dark colors in the room.

I woke up with the feeling of warmth and renewal.

I immediately told Jon my dream because I wanted him to feel it too.  Although the feeling is fading, I can still see the glow of the room and the wall spotted with butterflies.

And the message of the dream is clear to me.

6 thoughts on “My Dream Of Yellow Butterflies

  1. What a lovely dream! I could feel the warmth as I read your description of the room. I love dreams that make me feel all soft inside. Your dream reminded me of that feeling.

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