Dancing With The Dragonflies, A New Quilt


detail of Dancing With The Dragonflies

It’s been two weeks since I’ve worked in my studio.  I always wonder a  bit if I’ll be able to do it again when I’m away so long.

I had plans.

Linda asked if I could make her a few quilts for Christmas Gifts.  I’ve made quilts and pillows for Linda before.  I like working with her.

I had a dream about the colors I would use on the first one.  They came in the form of a thin weaving that someone had made and was showing me. Mustard, black, red and light blue.   A good place to start.

But  Monday I was in my studio cleaning up and I when I was done I was left with a pile of scraps. I didn’t think about it, I just started sewing.  It felt right so I went with it.

But when I got done, the dragonflies seemed stuffy to me, stuck in Victorian colors.  I wanted to free them so I found the blue fabric with pink and red, an old flour sack from the collection of flour sack fabric that Susan gave to me.

It seemed the antithesis of square I had pieced together.

And then the collage pieces, the most contemporary fabric of it all, yet it fit right in with the dragonfly patch and the 1930s flour sacks.

That was as far as I got yesterday, but I kept at it today.

It felt so good to be back in my studio working.  And I mixed those fabric’s up to make a  statement of how compatible contrary can be and to catch and keep the eye looking.


And when every piece of fabric I laid down on the floor next the quilt  started to look like a circus, I went with solid brown.

And that’s where I left it tonight.  I can’t wait to get back in my studio tomorrow and see what happens next.

5 thoughts on “Dancing With The Dragonflies, A New Quilt

  1. I like how the inner square of smaller pieces is off center, and the stripes are just at one end. It goes in the face of typical symmetry obsessed quilting and I love it. I like that red rectangle in the bottom for the same reason, and because it reminds me of the hearth piece in log cabin quilts.

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