Three Old Ewes Get Their Morning Grain

Suzy coming in the barn for grain

It only took two days.  Now every morning when I put hay in the feeders Socks, Biddy and Suzy come to the barn for their scoop of grain.

This morning Suzy wasn’t as quick as the other two sheep but when I called to her she came running to the barn.

The rest of the sheep also know that they aren’t getting any grain.  Sometimes one of them will come to see what’s going on, but they soon understand that the grain isn’t for them and go back to the hay.

These three old ewes need some extra nutrition in the colder months.  They still prefer grass to hay even if there isn’t much of it.  Last year Biddy was so thin I thought it might be her last winter.  But she bulked up over the summer and now has a good belly. I hope to keep it that way, and the grain should help.

When it gets really cold all the sheep get a supplement of grain.  But for now it’s just the old ewes.  And everyone seems to have accepted that.

That’s Biddy in the back then Socks and Suzy eating their grain in the barn

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