Drawings From The Past Week

Our Living room with Zinnia

K sent the blank book to me in the mail.  She’s had it for years and hadn’t used it so thought I might.  I know the feeling I’ve done the same, not wanting to use up the paper, not wanting to “ruin” it.

So when the book arrived I got right to it.  It was easy for me, I was ready for it and the paper is thick and ribbed.  I love the way the marker feels on it.

Here are a few of the drawing I’ve done over the past week.

Room at the Inn
Our new bathroom with the composting toilet
The new bathroom in the bedroom

4 thoughts on “Drawings From The Past Week

    1. Kim, I was just thinking how it feels like I was meant to have it. Something about it pulls me to it, so when I see it sitting on the table, I immediately get the urge to draw in it. It feels so special and I thank you again! 🙂

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