Looking For A New Fiber Mill and Letting Go Of My Brother Sewing Machine

Lori with a face full of snow

We’re still four months away from shearing, but that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about it.  I woke up last night reminding myself that I need to find another fiber mill to process my wool.

Seems I always have something more important to do than make those phone calls.  It was so comfortable working with Deb at Vermont Fiber Mill for the past 11 years that I’m hesitant to begin my search for another mill.

But even more, I don’t want to wake up in the night thinking about it.

So this morning I called two mills one in Putney Vermont and one in Hillsdale NY.  They are both an hour and half from the farm, the same distance as the Vermont Fiber Mill.

I left a message with both but neither got back to me.  I will call again tomorrow morning.

I did get a message from John, the sewing machine repair man.  He said my Brother sewing machine with the F01 message would best be serviced by a Brother dealer.  There is not much he can do for it.

I bought my Brother Sewing machine in 2010 and it served me well.  Fourteen years isn’t really old for a sewing machine, but I feel like I used it up.  It’s hard to get parts for it (I used duct tape to attach the thread cover when it broke) and the switch that turns it from straight stitching to free motion sewing hasn’t worked for years.

It’s not hard for me to believe that I wore the motor out.

So I told John to keep the machine for parts.  That way it gets to live on.  And since I’m doing well sewing free motion with my Viking machine I won’t need a new sewing machine to replace it.

I get a little nervous thinking about letting go of both the Vermont Fiber Mill and my Brother Sewing Machine, but I also believe that something new will come from both.

My Brother sewing machine when I first got it with my first Singer behind it. I gave the very simple  Singer which is over 35 years old, to a friend a couple of years ago.  It still works.

4 thoughts on “Looking For A New Fiber Mill and Letting Go Of My Brother Sewing Machine

  1. My mom had an odd green colored Viking sewing machine that she loved; it features heavily in my childhood memories. It was expensive (she was a big proponent of quality over quantity), but it was a workhorse that lasted for decades. When it finally gave out, she tried both Brother and Singer, but wasn’t happy with either of those and she went back to Viking.

    1. I bet one of the older Vikings was a great machine. I have come to love the mechanical machines more than the computerized ones. At least I know what I like now. 🙂

  2. Hello Maria!
    Green Mt Spinnery is a special place…I met my husband in Putney. And my mother grew up there.
    I have a feeling you will be very happy with GMS.

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