Gathering The Feeling For My Spirit Owl Quilt

Jon and I started the day with a breakfast on the way to a doctor’s appointment.  When we got back I  had to fix my printer, with was giving me trouble, before being about to make labels to mail out a few more potholders and Zip Notecards.

By the time I was done it was past lunch time.  I wanted to get to my studio, but my head was all caught up in printers, shipping, and doing a bit of bookkeeping.

I knew I needed something to clear my head between me and my studio.  So I bundled up and Fate and Zinnia and I went for a walk in the woods.

The New Gulley bridge was thick with snow with ice branching out from it into the stream.  It all cracked and fell into the water as Zinnia plowed over it.

The cold air and walk was just what I needed.

I knew I wasn’t going to get any sewing done today, I knew it wouldn’t work to rush things.   But my head was in a good place for getting a feeling for my Spirit Owl quilt. 

I cut the owl fabric to the sizes that I think will work. Then I went through my fabric pulling out the colors and patterns that felt right.

When I found my mind trying to plan, I shut it down.  One piece at a time I told myself.  I don’t want to have an images of the quilt before I start.  Only the feeling, which I’ve know for some time.

It’s about the feeling.

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