What Came Out In The Laundry

I looked into the washing machine and this is what I saw.

How had the fabric, a beautiful old tablecloth, flying pig chef pants, and vintage fabric of girls sweeping  from the 1930s, turn into what looked to me like a modern-Baroque, Trompe-l’oeil  painting?  Those girls with the brooms and dust pans instead of putti angels.

All that spinning spread the table cloth along the bottom of the basin with its flowers perfectly positioned.  It placed the other fabric, expertly along the edges.

I just kept staring into the washer as if I were looking into another world.   It’s the first time I was reluctant to take wash out of the machine.

But at least I was able to take a picture first.

21 thoughts on “What Came Out In The Laundry

  1. If we keep our eyes open to awe , wonder and beauty it’s all around us, even when part of our homes look like a 3rd world country from pipes bursting, ceilings caving in and partial flooding. ❤️‍You show us awe on a daily basis❣️
    Life is good.

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  2. I love this photo! Pretty amazing to find it like that in the wash. Encourages me to pause and take a second to look before I pull out the wash. Thanks for seeing art everywhere and sharing with us.

  3. Holy cow! I had to read it twice to believe that this was a photo of spun laundry. It feels like I’m under water in a flower-edged pond looking up at the sky. It’s so dreamy, and meditative, and does anyone else see a cloud bear (with his bright eye) sort of floating swimming in this globe? Please can you make this a magnet and/or a postcard?

  4. That is gorgeous, it looks like like the ceiling of a cathedral painted by Michelangelo! I love how you see beauty in the ordinary.

  5. This looks like a Fortune Teller’s crystal ball. Spooky! but intriguing. Who knows what depths may be plummeted …

  6. You have such an eye for beauty — anywhere and everywhere. I almost thought I was looking up at the sky, framed by…I don’t know what, except that it’s so beautiful.

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