White Hens Considers The New Ram And The Snow

I’m not sure which is was that kept White Hen from venturing out of the coop this morning, the new ramp or the snow.

Kitty was out of the coop, pecking around by herself, but it was only around 3pm when I took the ram away that the two other hens came out.

I think my good intentions of making a ramp for the hens has back fired.  It seems to confuse them.  I don’t think they know how to use it.  I scattered bird seed and dried meal worms on it to try and entice them to use it.  But that didn’t work.

Perhaps it looks like an obstacle to them,  blocking their way out of and into the coop.

2 thoughts on “White Hens Considers The New Ram And The Snow

  1. Hi Maria! Don’t give up on your chicken ramp just yet. It took at least 48 hrs, if not longer, for my chickens to evaluate & avoid anything new or different. And if snow was involved, well forget it, they weren’t having it! Just some encouragement – your ramp looks great!

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