Backing and Tacking “Thinking of Snow”


The reverse of the front of Thinking of Snow. Here I’m laying out the batting

I wanted pale colors for the backing of Thinking Of Snow.  I found them in a plaid and floral print, with pinks and blues.

Bud and Fate hanging out in the doorway of my studio

It was so warm today, I had my door open as I tacked my quilt.  I can’t say I was thinking of snow, but I did get to listen the songs of lots of birds as I worked.

The back of Thinking Of Snow with the sun shining through the backing

The sun shone in my door and window late in the afternoon lighting up the back of the quilt so the front showed through it.

Detail from Thinking of Snow

As I tacked the quilt I pulled loose threads and got to see again some of the details.   I loved the butterfly in the section above.  And below, that thin strip of blue and the white fabric with flowers came from an old handmade apron.  The white print was a pocket.

I tied a knot in the tacking yarn, because it seemed there should be a dot in that spot not a dash.

Another detail

I’m a little more than half done tacking Thinking of Snow. I’ll finish  the quilt on Monday.

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