The Donkeys and Hens Sunbathing

After yesterdays snow the donkey are making the most of this warm day.  Lulu and Fanny laid down together dozing in the sun.

When they do I always want to go into the barnyard and sit next to them.  But they usually get up before I get to them.  Every once in a while Fanny will let me sit next to her.  I think I like doing it because it shows the trust between us.

I rarely used to see the donkeys both laying down at the same time.  Usually one stands guard while the other sleeps.  But I see them doing it more often. I like to think it’s because they feel safer.

The hens were also enjoying the sun and taking a dust bath next to the apple tree.

They have worn away the grass next to the tree and dug  a few holes the size of a nest they might lay their eggs in.   They wallow in the loose soil, dusting their feathers to keep away the parasites.  But they also seem to be really enjoying themselves.

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