Zip And The Hens, Becoming Friends

These warm days keep the hens on the move.

They spend less time under the bird feeder and more time roaming the farm.  They’re finding food too.  I know because they’re eating less of the laying pellets that I feed them.  The flying insects surfaced yesterday and I’ve seen worms in the water bowls.

The migrating birds are eating and so are the hens.

Zip is wandering too.  He has a circuit that he travels.   He has his protected places (like the lilac bush, wood pile and raised bed planters) and doesn’t spend too much time out in the open.  Even when he hunts in the marsh he sticks close to the tall grasses and becomes another shadow.

The hens and Zip seem to have come to an agreement.  He no longer chases them and they don’t run from him.

Soon maybe they’ll be hanging out under the lilac bush together.

3 thoughts on “Zip And The Hens, Becoming Friends

  1. Maria. Thank you for inviting us into your beautiful world. I look forward to and enjoy spending time w you. Thank you.

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