A Few “Ode To The Moon and Sun” Potholders For Sale

My Ode to the Moon And Sun Potholders For sale here

I only have three of them available, but if you’d like one of my Ode to the Moon and Sun Potholders, you can buy them in my Etsy Shop.  Just click here.

They are $25 each +$5 shipping for one or more.

I wasn’t sure why this fabric spoke to me a couple of weeks ago when I pulled it off my shelf.  I’ve had it a while.  But then Sally wrote to me and asked if she could have three of them.  Where she lives she will be able to see the upcoming solar eclipse in April.  She sees the potholders as an ode to the eclipse and wants to give them to friends who will be viewing it with her.

It made me wonder if subconsciously, I wasn’t inspired to make these potholders by the eclipse too.

I’ve already sold 13 of them (that magic number 13) and they are pretty popular.  I do have more fabric so I may make a few more before April 8th.

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