Jon’s Meditation Class At The Mansion

Jon’s Meditation Class

I haven’t been to Jon’s Meditation Class at The Mansion for a while. But I went today and brought with me the Mary Oliver Poem “Work” to read.

The class was special, (you can read about it on Jon’s blog here) the conversation thoughtful and even for those who were quiet, I could see how intently they were listening.  It felt meaningful to me and I believe to the people in the class.

I’ll be teaching my next art class at The Mansion in a couple of weeks. I was glad to be there today.

Below is just a short excerpt from “Work” by Mary Oliver

“I am a woman sixty years old and of no special courage.
Everyday-a little conversation with God, or his envoy
the tall pine, or the grass-swimming cricket.
Everyday-I study the difference between water and stone.
Everyday-I stare at the world; I push the grass aside 
and stare at the world. 

…Every-day I have work to do:…


4 thoughts on “Jon’s Meditation Class At The Mansion

  1. Hi Maria,
    Reading that quote made me wonder if you’ve read anything by May Sarton. I have a feeling that you might enjoy her writing.

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