Blue Bailing Twine With Bits Of Broken Bottles

Blue twine with broken bits of bottles

I found the broken bottle necks on the farm.  They come up from the ground when it rains with the other shards of glass.  They were too pretty to throw away, so I had them in the houses on the window sill.

But as I was tying two more pieces of twine onto the gate post, I thought they would be the perfect addition.  I had three and over the past couple of days, I tied them all to the gate post.

The third piece of broken bottle.

I believe I’ve fed the final bale of last years hay to the donkeys and sheep.  So from now on, no more orange twine.  The rest will be blue twine from this years hay.

You can see how my Blue Bailing Twine has evolved from the first two strands until now on my Pinterest.  Just click here.

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