Kim and Asher

Asher and Kim

I’ve noticed lately that Kim is spending a lot of time around Asher.

Kim has always been my most skittish sheep.  We got her from the same farmer who gave me my first three sheep, Tess, Suzy and Socks.  She came to the farm shortly after we moved. We didn’t know she was pregnant when we got her and she delivered a lamb who didn’t survive.

Kim is my only Karakul sheep.  Her long wool is good for felting or mixing with my Romney wool.

She has never been comfortable around Zinnia and it’s only because she runs when Zinnia does, which gets Zinnia chasing her.  Then Kim runs even more and so on…

I feel like Asher and his twin brother Issachar have taken over as the leaders of the sheep.  They are gentle leaders who often break up head butting and seem to keep an eye on things.

And now it seems that Asher is protecting Kim.

Not that she really needs protecting.  Zinnia wouldn’t hurt anyone.  But she startles Kim and often I see her hanging around Asher, or even putting him between her and the rest of the world.

It’s kind of sweet actually, they make a nice couple.

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